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Reach & Frequency Campaign Setup

As you are aware there are two types of buy type on Facebook; 1. Auction Buy Type and 2. Reach and Frequency Buy Type. There are various objectives offered by Facebook within each buy type. Check in details about each buy types offered by Facebook. Reach and Frequency buy type help in booking the audience in advance and help in reaching out those audiences in a stipulated time.

Setting up the Reach & Frequency Campaign on Facebook

Below you will see the detailed explanation of each level of the campaign setup.

Campaign level of the Reach and Frequency Buy Type

Facebook with Reach and Frequency (R&F) buy type does not offer few objectives. Though there are limited buy types, but sufficient to explore the entire funnel.

Reach & Frequency Buy Type

The R&F campaign cannot have Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) option and hence at campaign level, you just get an option to select the secondary objective i.e. Brand Awareness, Reach etc.

Ad Set level of the Reach and Frequency Buy Type

Unlike the restrictions with auction buy type, various options are active with R&F buy type. You can choose from the list of pages you have the access to. Once you select the page from the campaign has to be execute you can select the schedule of the campaign.

Just after the schedule, you get an option to select the audience to whom you want to target. We can include or exclude the custom audience from the targeting.

There are additional features which gets enabled at ad set level for R&F buy type are Ad Format selection, Frequency Control and Delivery Scheduling which you will see in the further in the article. Basis the selection of the ad formats, the audience size changes. Ad formats available for R&F campaign buy types are Image or Carousel, Video, 360 Photo, 360 Video, Stories Carousel and Instant Experience.

Further to the selection of the ad formats, you can choose the ad placements (Facebook, Instagram & Audience Network).

After the ad placement selections, you can choose the inventory filters and the buy type for which you need to optimize the campaign. The primary objective for Reach & Frequency buy type is to reach maximum audience

Below will vary as per the objective selection:

  1. Optimization & Ad Delivery
  2. When You Get Charged
  3. Bid Strategy

Over to the above selection you can control the frequency you want to achieve or can be achieved basis the availability of the audiences, inventories and budget.

The Reach & Frequency estimates from the above all points mentioned. Below is the prediction chart as per the inputs provided while setting up the ad sets. While estimating the Reach & Frequency, you can select from the three options by selecting; Budget, Reach and % Target Audience.

Setting up the Ad & Sequencing them with Reach & Frequency Buy Type

The setting up the ad with R&F campaign is similar to how you setup the ad with normal auction campaign. The additional features which R&F campaign provides is ad sequencing. The ad sequencing gives an ability to show the ads in sequenced manner. For example, you have added 3 creatives in a campaign and want to show in specific order that is if someone is exposed to creative 1 twice, has to be shown creative 2 and followed by creative 3.

Do note ad-sequencing feature has to be set at ad set level, but after reserving the audience and adding the creatives.

Following can affect the R&F prediction:

  1. Schedule (Start or End Date)
  2. Change in Audience
  3. Ad Formats
  4. Placements
  5. Device & OS
  6. Inventory Filter
  7. Exclusion of live stream
  8. Frequency update

Also, note that Facebook do not guarantee the results predicted while booking the audiences. In most of the cases, Facebook delivers as per the predictions.

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